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Logitech Z-333 prices in Ireland

Logitech Z-333
Prices for Logitech Z333 2.1 Speaker Kit Bold Sound with Strong BassFor Videos Games and MusicThis 80 Watts Peak 40 Watts RMS power 2 1 speaker system delivers maximum loudness and produces rich bass from the front facing subwoofer onnect up to two compatible device, photo
Prices for Logitech Z333 80-watts peak powerWith 80 watts of peak power, the Z333 2.1 speaker system delivers powerful, high-quality acoustics for your music, movies and games.Deep, intense bassBass you can feel. The front-facing subwoofer with 5 inch driver produce, photo
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Logitech Z-333. Rating 8.0 from 10 based on 3 marks. 3 customer reviews. Minimal price 54.990002 EUR Maximal price 64.900002 EUR amount of offers 2. Currency - EUR